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In the summer of 2020, one of the world’s largest and leading major labels announced that from now on it would also be represented with an office in Casablanca, Morocco, in order to be able to pay more attention to the numerous talents in North Africa in the future. – No doubt a wise decision, if you ask us!

If you look at the development of the Moroccan rap scene in recent years, it quickly becomes clear that there are numerous hidden talents waiting to be discovered. In particular, more attention should be paid to the emerging female front – we remember Krtas’Nssa all too fondly, whom we already introduced to you in March. One thing is for sure: North African GIRL POWER is on its way!

One of these promising and upcoming artists is 24-year-old rapper and film student Houda Abouz aka Kthek.

The choice of her artist’s name alone can hardly be surpassed in terms of emancipation and empowerment: In Darija, the Arabic dialect spoken mainly in Morocco, “Kthek” means as much as “your sister” and is usually used there as a very provocative and severe insult. As an artist whose rap music is intended to give a voice especially to those who cannot use their own, due to social norms and discrimination, it is only natural that Houda Abouz positively reclaims and empowers such defamatory terms in her home country. Even though Khtek clearly sees herself as a feminist and LGBTQI supporter in this context, she emphasizes in interviews that her music as a whole pursues less political claims or goals. In fact, through and with her music she likes to give insights into real, young Moroccan life.

Nevertheless, lines such as „Many things did not work out because we are ladies in the country of the dick“ or „I write better than you, though you think I’m just a girl“ from her debut single „KickOff“ (released in February 2020) exemplify that Kthek does not mince her words. An empowering attitude and self-portrayal which is especially popular with her fans: Of her three singles released so far, two songs by Kthek have been viewed about a million times  on YouTube within a very short time. It should be noted once again that Khtek only celebrated her official debut in the rap game at the beginning of the year: What started at the end of 2019 with the upload of single promising freestyles on social media, culminated in January 2020 with the release of the single “Hors Série” alongside local rap stars Elgrande Toto, Don Bigg and Draganov. The newcomer convinced with her flow and lyrical sharpness, which she wraps up in a mix of Arabic dialect, French and English.

With a bit of luck, we can even look forward to more releases from Kthek this year – at least that is what she has announced – and even if not, at the latest we can look forward to the concentrated female rap offensive from Morocco next year!

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