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With Tyler, The Creator, The Neptunes and Tupac, the German artist Poussey oriented herself towards the big names of the US rap scene. Even if she would like to finance her life through music, she primarily strives to inspire other women and give them self-confidence – and she always finds clear words for this. “Doing sit-ups / my ex-boyfriend calls me again, I pick up / wants to see me and I hope his dick falls off / shivering when you see me as if you were at a stick up / want to know what I’m thinking, follow me on Twitter”, says the young artist from Koblenz in her track „Horchata“.

Paula, who is called Poussey, graduated from school at the age of 17 and decided to move to a big city. She found her new home in Berlin and began to study creative studies alongside her music, but the music has been accompanying her for much longer. Already in her school days, she learned classical instruments again and again, but could not get excited about any of them in the long term. Instead of classical instrumental music, she devoted her attention mainly to rap, soul and R&B. English speaking artists were more relevant to her, some of her greatest role models are Erykah Badu and Solange Knowles. Inspired by these women, she began to write her texts in English, too, but switched quite quickly to her mother tongue. Writing in German is difficult, when all of your role models speak English, but she likes this challenge, which she has set for herself: “It’s the only way to be authentic“, she says in an interview. In addition, it is particularly important to her to contribute to the female music scene in Germany. In her eyes, the scene deserves more reach and different facets, which is why she wants to be part of it.

Because of Noah Eliyas, you can hear her songs professionally produced since this year. The producer from Frankfurt ensures that her lyrics and melodies receive the musical accompaniment that rounds off everything. Whether Poussey writes texts specifically for his beats or whether he finds the perfect realization for her visions, it is constantly different. Only the cooperation of the two brings her style perfectly to bear. It wasn’t until this year that they released her first singles „Al Pacina“, „Horchata“ and „5 Sterne Bitch“. Her style is evident in all three tracks: a soft voice, partly almost whispered and especially laid-back, at the same time with a whispered amount of self-confidence. Even in the so far only music video for „Al Pacina/Horchata“ she emphasizes her image. She performs casually with a basic 2000-style and combines hip-hop outfits, including Grillz, with lip gloss and elaborately designed nails. You definitely cannot put the 20-year-old in a category, which is why she is more authentic.Even though she has only recently appeared in the scene, she seems to be very ambitious. Three releases,as well as music videos in a very short time, a live session and first interviews let us expect a lot. In conversation with 365Female*MCs she also said that more singles will follow in the near future and there will also be a short tape. More details about when something of hers will be released are not yet known. Listeners will probably have to take to the advice quoted at the beginning and should follow her social network channels to find out when and what her next release will be.

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