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Senidah, also known as Balkans Trap Diva: When you take a look at the past two years of Senidah’s career, it is hardly to imagine that the native Slovenian with Bosnian roots only started making music professionally at the age of 25 – as she says herself, all because she was just too shy to stand on a stage or to even perform in front of strangers. Luckily, this shyness seems to have subsided with age, the now 34-year-old Senida Hajdarpašić, as she was born, is one of the big names in the Balkans. The success of her Serbian debut single “Slađana” (often also “Sladjana”, a typical Yugoslavian female name) in March 2018 not only brought her regional attention within a very short time, but also earned her the award for the single as “Hip-Hop/Rap Song of the Year” at the Music Awards Ceremony (MAC) 2019 in Belgrade.

Senidah started her career in 2011 as the singer of the Slovenian pop band MUFF, with whom she not only gained her first stage experiences but also drew attention to herself and her pithy, deep, soulful voice. In addition to her expressive styling and fashion sense, it is mainly her voice that has stood out in her solo numbers since 2018. It is not without any reason that Senidah has been traded as “Balkans Trap Diva” since the release of her R&B and trap-influenced debut album “Bez tebe” (engl. “Without you“). The debut resulted in millions of clicks on YouTube for hits like “Mišići” (engl. “muscles”) or “4 Strane Sveta” (feat. Coby; engl. “4 sides of the world”). In this sense, Senidah not only works together with well-known rap names from the Yugosphere, such as Jala Brat, Buba Corelli or Atlas Erotika. Her sphere of influence also extends to Switzerland and Austria, which ultimately led to a collaboration between her and none other than RAF Camora. With the single “100%” – Senidah raps typically in Serbo-Croatian, RAF in German – the two delivered an absolute hit in November 2019, which literally brings summer into your house in the deepest winter – including a little “Palmen aus Plastik”-reference in the accompanying video!

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