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Fresh in the game and with just two singles on Spotify and Co. Toallita flows through the French rap scene.

We have been talking about the variety of sounds in hip hop and the blurred genre boundaries for a long time and opinions go in different directions. Above all, the young generation of rap artists are open to this. Toallita is one of those who does not want to commit to anything. The beats of Katon and Elliot Le Borgne range from garage sound to 2 step, without ignoring the hip hop influence. Toallita convinces more selfishly with rap, vocals and clear announcements.

Her song “Killi” can almost be understood as a blueprint for her genre diversity. She makes it clear in the lyrics that she does not find herself in categories and drawers and above all does not want anyone to put her in them. Just as she combines different influences in her sound, so does the music video for her second and youngest single “Killi”. From the dreamy Golden Hour to the scene with the often seen entourage, a colorful visual language is spoken. Even a visit to the aquarium is captured. To whom this sounds disharmonious: You are welcome to check for yourself!

In Toallita’s debut single “Jamais”, her lyrics are directed against the male world. She plays with her experiences of catcalling and turns it around: “Don’t go out with your shirt too short, otherwise my girls will whistle at you.” In doing so, she manages to trigger criticism subtly and with skillful side strokes. This announcement also appears in the music video which is set in black and white. The MC takes up typical stylistics from French hip hop music clips or movies like “La Haine” without renouncing hip aesthetics.

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After only two singles that have convinced with both content and modern yet experimental sound, there is hope for more in the new year. At least that’s how many feel, according to her Instagram profile. There she not only regularly thanks people for their support and the constant requests for an EP, she also shares her work processes and emotions before as well as after concerts. Over the past year, she has been wowing with regular freestyle sessions – everything in urban aesthetics with her very own signature of course.

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