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In the course of our work for 365 Female* MCs, we get to know artists from around the globe every day whose biographies and stories could not be more different, but who are all bursting with passion for rap music and are extremely musically talented. We do not always have the opportunity to talk to the artists ourselves to ask them some of our questions, but when we do, it usually leads to very inspiring interviews. In the case of today’s artist, however, one cannot speak of an interview in the classical sense, but rather of an intensive conversation about all kinds of current topics: including political activism, the connection to one’s own musical and artistic work or general processes of self-discovery and self-realization within a patriarchal society.

A few years ago, Sara made it her mission to communicate her ideas and thoughts for a better and especially more just world through her music. So it is no wonder that  she has also been part of the Greek-German political Hip hop network In.Flammen to which the rapper Mis Zebra also belongs.

Actively involved in anarchist, autonomous and anti-authoritarian circles since her youth, Sara started writing her own songs around 2014 – at that time mainly out of inner defiance and resistance. She was annoyed by the male dominance, the macho attitude of many representatives in the rap scene and unfortunately also in the local DIY scene. Above all Sara was bothered by the lack of representation of female or non-cisgender voices: „If you want to change something, don’t wait for someone else to do it, just start doing it by yourself“, Sara repeats several times in conversation with 365 Female* MCs. It is clear to her that the least any of us can do is to try and not give up from the beginning. Sentences and thoughts that Sara does not just say exaggeratedly, but that are based on her own experience and are derived from her deepest conviction.

In her song “Στέκω Γυναίκα” (Engl. „I stand as a woman“) feat. Ηρω-ίνη, from her 2017 debut album “Αντι-Σύλληψη” (Engl. „Anti-Syllipsi“, i.e. „Contraception/ Counter-Conception”) Sara raps1:

„I am a girl grown up in a typical Egyptian Muslim family, my mother was a Christian and that was a problem. My father made me pray and fast, and live by the words of the Prophet Mohammed.“

The hook of the song continues:

„I stand as a woman against anything that oppresses me since the day I was born. I am a woman that was stoned in Pakistan I am the woman that you paid to prostitute I am the woman that was raped and committed suicide.

I stand as a woman against anything that oppresses me since the day I was born. I am a woman and now I hold the stone in my hand. I am the woman that does not forgive anymore I am a menace for every oppressor.“ 

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Sara herself knows only too well what strength and courage it takes to fight for one’s own dreams and views. In this respect, such autobiographical aspects are recurring themes in her songs. At the same time, Sara’s music also addresses topics such as female emancipation from social constraints and the necessity of anti-sexist and anti-fascist rebellion. Her songs call musically also for more solidarity and collectivity among each other.

In this sense it is no coincidence that Sara was on tour in France and Switzerland in the summer of 2020 together with the French-Greek punk band Krav Boca. Together they recorded the recently published song „Barrikade“.

With her empowering message and awakened attitude to life, Sara definitely represents an important figure in the current rap game, to whom we owe our fullest respect and appreciation for her valuable (musical) work!

1The complete translation of the song can be found in the comments section of the YouTube video, posted by Sara herself.

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