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For those of our readers who have already experienced Cardi B’s and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit „WAP“ gasping and with cardiac arrhythmia, it would be better to skip today’s portrait of our 365 Female* MCs series. It is to be assumed that an artist like Sukihana, who has described herself in interviews with statements like „I’ve always been a nasty ass hoe […] I’m just nasty and disgusting and disturbing… It makes me happy being like this! […] I’m a dirty little slut“, will directly cause a cardiac arrest among these outraged people. – We just wanted to mention it at this point!

It is clear that Destiny Henderson aka Sukihana makes no secret about the fact that she loves to be vulgar and direct, that sex is her thing and she has absolutely no problem using these preferences to make money. Be it by rapping empoweringly and self-loving about her „Wolf Pussy“ – the title of her current record (2020) – or by giving deeper insights into her private life – you get it – on her OnlyFans account.

The 28-year-old mother of three children and rapper of songs like „All in your throat“ („Bring that dick in my cat, I want it wildin’ out/ And eat my pussy like filet mignon“) or „Yous A Hoe“ („You get it from your mama, but make sure you wash that mothafucka“) may indeed not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about fe:male role models or the feminist fight against patriarchy in general. And certainly Sukihana still needs to learn a little bit about the boundaries between her existence as an artist and her private life: there are understandable reasons why some people do not appreciate it at all when an artist with more than 1.3 million followers (on Instagram) uploads pictures and videos while performing oral practices – and we are not talking about rapping here – on social media. 

Still, you cannot deny that Sukihana has worked extremely hard for her musical success over the past four years. Sukihana herself knows only too well the circumstances in which she grew up in Delaware and Atlanta, among other places, and how they shaped her. There are songs like „Pretty and Ratchet“ in which the rapper proudly raps about herself and her hood background („Suki a hood rat but I’m popping like a Kardashian“). This black queen lives her life as she likes it and without pretending to be anyone’s person.

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Undoubtedly also a form of fe:male empowerment which we can only celebrate! 

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